Jen Guenther

Spokane-City Group

Windermere Real Estate/City Group, LLC

1237 W Summit Pkwy., Suite B

Spokane, WA 99201

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My Mission

My mission is to give you the highest standard of service in the industry. While the housing process can seem stressful to some, I want to ensure a stress-free transaction. I will use my knowledge and expertise to guide you through each step. Whereas some agents may pressure their clients in certain areas, I desire for my clients to set a pace that I follow. My mission is to streamline one of the largest transactions in your life. My best interest is towards you. I will listen to each one of your needs and wants to provide the best service possible. I will stay dedicated to communicating and updating you on any new information throughout the process. I will also protect you and your rights. With my help, purchasing your home will not be overcomplicated, but will seem rather simple. I am here to help you.

A Little Bit About Me

I have dreamt of becoming a Realtor ever since I was about ten years old. It wasn't until my Senior year in high school until I began to pursue that path. After receiving my High School Diploma and my Associate of Arts Degree in my Senior year of high school, I went on to obtain my Broker's License that summer. At 18 years old, I had passed the National and State tests to become a Realtor. At 19 years old, I became an active Realtor at Windermere City Group in Kendall Yards. I then became the Sales Processor within my firm. A few months later, I bought my first house. Although I may seem young to some to be handling such large investments, I have the expertise of a professional. Not only are my mentors and my family the top agents in Spokane, but my office is also one of the most exceptional. If you haven’t already seen it, Windermere City Group is the Nordstrom of all Windermere’s within our city. We don’t just value homes; we value people as well.